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How to use promotional coupons

The promotional coupon is only available for redemption when you place an order in the mall.

pay attention to:

If you receive a promotional coupon sent to you by the mall customer service via email, this coupon will be automatically entered into your account for your next order on the mall website.

How to use promotional coupons:

View promotional details from the promotional activity page.

Enter promotional coupons on the 'Choose Payment Method' or 'Submit Order' pages.

pay attention to:

1. If the order amount exceeds the promotional discount amount, you will need to pay the remaining difference.

2. If you fail to order in a timely manner, this promotional coupon will be saved in your account until the order is successfully placed or the promotion ends.

3. If the product purchased using the promotional coupon is cancelled, the promotional coupon will still be refunded for use during the next order.

4. If an order using promotional coupons requests a return, exchange, or refund, the promotional coupons will not be refunded.

5. Promotional coupons cannot be used to purchase gift cards or pay shipping costs.

6. Promotion coupons are different from gift cards and cannot be viewed through 'View Available Account Balances'. You can check the usage of promotional coupons through order confirmation email or by logging into my account.

7. If you use promotional coupons, you cannot place an order with one click.